01. How do I start selling?

Simply, REGISTER to become a member for free and then pre purchase your chosen “Bundle” from our PRICING page. Once your Bundle has been purchased, all you need to do is click the “SELL” button at the top right of any page and follow the prompts to start selling!

02. How much does it cost?

Please check out our PRICING page. We offer a one off fee, we do not charge any extras and there are NO COMMISSIONS charged.

03. What can I sell?

You can sell ALL of your pre loved or unused wedding items. We accept everything from decorations, furniture, lighting to wedding dresses and much more. We ask that items are in good condition and are STRICTLY WEDDING RELATED. Please inform buyers with correct and detailed descriptions and images of the items. We have the right to delete any inappropriate items. Please see more at our TERMS & CONDITIONS

04. How will a buyer contact me?

If a buyer is interested in your item, they can send you a message which will go to your nominated email address. Please make sure you regulary check your junk/spam mail. Alternatively if you choose, you may also add your phone number, so potential buyers can call or text you directly.

05. How do I receive payment for my item?

No transactions are made through Scout & Charm. We only connect the buyers and sellers. Every transaction is made individually between the buyer and the seller. We recommend that you trade with buyers locally and in person, and never send or wire money. We recommend payment is exchanged only after the item has been inspected. Please see our TERMS & CONDITIONS for more.

06. How do I remove my item? Or mark it as sold?

Once logged in, please visit MY ACCOUNT. Here you will be able to view your current listings and mark the item as sold / delete. Please note that this function will delete the item permanently. We do not offer refunds or credits for items that have not sold / expired / or have been deleted for whatever reason.

07. What's the secret to making a listing look awesome?

Photos! Photos! Photos! It’s all about great, well lit, clear photos. We recommend you have a minimum of 3 photos to properly show your item off! Natural light (take your pics near a window or somewhere in your house which has great natural light!). A clean uncluttered background, get up close, show details, choose different angles, just play around! And make sure you upload your image as the right way up when uploading! If you have any professional photos from your photographer, it is also a GREAT idea to use these! Once you upload your item, make sure you spread the word across your social media!

08. Can I sell an item if i live outside of Australia?

Unfortunately at this stage, the site is made for Australian residents only. You may, however, purchase items if the seller is willing to post.


01. How do I buy an item?

The Scout & Charm website connects sellers with buyers. No transactions happen on our website. If you would like to buy an item, you will need to get in contact with the seller of that item. You can find a place to message them, on their item listing page.

02. How do I safelty purchase an Item?

If you find an item you love, contact the seller directly through the message field below the item. Alternitevly, you can text or message them via their telephone number (if provided). If they live locally, arrange a time to inspect the item, arrange payment and take your new item home. If the item is not located near you, contact the seller, request more information or photos if needed. You will also need to discuss payment methods and shipping options. We do not recommend you wire or transfer money. Please note that no transactions are made directly through Scout & Charm. Scout & Charm only connects buyers and sellers.

03. How can I find items local to me?

You can easily find secondhand items in your local area, by simply entering your location in the search bar. You can choose the distance you are willing to travel with our kilometre radius slider. Another option is to refine your search when in a Category by selecting “nearest to me”.

04. How do I contact a seller?

Once you have found an item that you are interested in, you can message the seller by using the form underneath the items description. Alternatively if the seller has chosen to display their phone number, you can of course, contact them this way also.

05. How do i report an item / seller

If you have any concerns over an item or seller, please email us at [email protected] with a clear description of the problem, and the seller or item name. We will do our best to monitor our website and endeavour to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

06. Basic Buying Safety Tips

We highly recommend that you try and shop locally. So you can meet the seller, inspect an item, and hand over payment personally. We do not recommend wiring money. Its a great idea to take a friend with you when you are meeting someone in person, or having someone come to your home. Also, use your common sense and be wary of scams and fraud.