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Scout and Charm (ABN 99 648 551 658).

These Terms and Conditions apply to all buyers and sellers, together with any other users of this website to the extent they are applicable.

All intellectual property, including copyright and trademarks are the property of Scout & Charm. Anyone using this website is not authorised to use any of the intellectual property of Scout & Charm. You may not distribute, reproduce, display, publish or otherwise commercialise any part of this site without our written permission.

We reserve the right to alter these Terms & Conditions, any content or appearance of the website at any time without notice. Please check these Terms & Conditions regularly. We will endeavor to highlight any significant changes where possible. Use of this website indicates your agreement to be bound to these Terms & Conditions of use.

If you have any further questions or require further information, please email us at [email protected]


The Scout & Charm website includes products available for purchase from various Sellers and therefore acts as an online listing service. If you make contact with a Seller through our website, you are communicating directly with the Seller of the product, not Scout & Charm. We are not responsible for the information our Sellers supply and have no part in the purchases between our Sellers and Buyers. We are not responsible to you or anybody else for any loss incurred in relation to your use of this website. Your use of this website is at your own risk.

We make no warranties of any kind as to the operation of the website, information, goods or services offered on this site.

We do not warrant that your use of Scout & Charm will be uninterrupted or free from defects and viruses. We are not liable to you or anyone else if your computer system is in anyway damaged or affected by your use of this website.

This site may contain links to third party websites for your convenience. We take no responsibility for the content or use of those websites and you enter linked destinations at your own risk.

We do take reasonable care to monitor our website, however we do not undertake any liability in regards to the content. Please use this website at your own risk.


By using this website, you acknowledge that the Sellers on our site are third party advertisers and we do not have any connection with them beyond providing a space for them to sell their products and services. We act as a platform for these Sellers to sell their products and do not have any association or affliction beyond this.

It is the Buyers sole responsibility to contact a Seller, make their own enquiries to ensure the product/s and services suit their individual needs and purposes. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to make relevant communications with the Seller in order to complete the transaction. We highly recommend Buyers shop locally, inspect the item and hand over payment personally. We do not recommend wiring or transferring money. Scout and Charm are not liable for any transaction that takes place between the Buyer and Seller. And disputes in connection with the transaction are between the Buyer and Seller.

We reserve the right to ban any user that we determine to be in breach of any of these conditions.


Upon registering with on Scout & Charm, you will be asked to agree to these Terms & Conditions. Once your registration is complete you will be bound to these Terms & Conditions and you should only agree to these conditions if you accept them in their entirety.

In order to list an item for sale, Sellers will need to pre purchase a bundle plan. You can find these outlined on our Pricing page. All listings will last for 365 days from the day of purchase. You acknowledge that there are no costs when registering with Scout & Charm.

If item has not sold after 365 days, the item will be permanently deleted and Sellers will need to re-list the item. Payments made to Scout and Charm is made upfront via PayPal and is non-refundable for any reason.

The information, material and content you advertise on Scout & Charm must be genuine, true and accurate. We expect you to be lawful, not misleading, and reliable and not breach any third party rights. Sellers must be legally entitled to sell the items they have listed.

Items deemed to be offensive or unlawful by Scout & Charm would be removed without warning. This includes (but is not limited to) items NOT deemed for the wedding/event industry, pornography or any items deemed to be in bad taste. Scout & Charm reserves the right to remove any item/s that is deemed to be unsuitable for any reason. Items will be removed without warning. The decision to remove any item/s is final. Refunds for any item removed by Scout & Charm is at the discretion of Scout & Charm management but as a general rule refunds will not be offered.

Any seller who repeatedly lists items that are not suitable for sale on Scout & Charm will be removed and banned.

You are responsible for keeping your personal information and content up to date. Seller information and availability of goods and services must be up to date at all times. It is your responsibility to mark items as sold or delete as needed.

If a buyer makes communications with the Seller regarding an item listed for sale it is the Sellers responsibility to reply in a timely manner. Scout and Charm are not liable for any transaction that takes place between the Buyer and Seller. And disputes in connection with the transaction are between the Buyer and Seller.

You agree to adhere to good practice and customer service standards. Repeat negative feedback may result in your account being removed and any abusive behavior in any shape or form will result in the same. No refunds would be made in this instance.

We only accept Sellers from Australian residents. Sellers found to be from outside these counties will be deleted without warning or refund.

You acknowledge and agree that Scout & Charm act as a platform, allowing businesses and individuals to sell their goods and services through our website. We do not guarantee any sales or increased traffic.

Any products or services you sell are dealt with directly between yourself and the buyer. Any disputes, issues, dealings and complaints are to be dealt with directly with the Buyer

By using this website you authorize Scout & Charm to use, reuse and grant others to use your content in any form of media or technology for the purpose relating to this website and for any advertising purposes.

We have the right to remove the Seller, their content and their access to our website at any time for any reason including (but not limited to) breaching these terms and conditions, numerous complaints from buyers, not acting in good faith or any other issue.

You agree that Scout & Charm are not liable or responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may result from your use of this website.

You will take over any claims or other legal action that a Buyer or any third party may take against us as a direct or indirect result of your actions, inaction and items listed.

No agency, partnership, joint venture or employment has been created as a result of these terms and conditions and you do not have any authority of any kind to bind us whatsoever.


The Scout & Charm website expects all users to be friendly and polite to all users. Anyone found to breach this guideline might have their access restricted. You may not interfere with or attempt to interfere with the working functionalities of the site or any transaction being made through the site or gain any unauthorized access to any part of the website.

While using Scout & Charm, you agree not to contact any user of our website to market, advertise or promote other websites or products and services without the written consent of Scout & Charm.

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